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We teach three main weapons: the saber, the lance, and the dagger. These are the primary arms that have been carried by Cossack warriors for centuries. These weapons teach fundamental skills with arms and are practiced in a way to continue to honor traditions and heritage of the warriors who came before us.

The Main Weapons We Teach

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Shashka Saber

Shashka Saber

The Shashka saber is fastest drawing saber in the world, this weapon started in the Caucasus Mountains and was adopted by the Russian Cossacks. It used for fast attack methods on foot and on horseback. We practice training with this weapon, learning to draw it, attack defend and we learn precision cutting methods.

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The Lance

The Cossack lance method we teach is with a 7 foot lance. This weapon was originally a unit flag pole with spear head. We practice both attack and defence methods on foot. 

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Kinjal Dagger

Kinjal Dagger

The Kinjal dagger is sign of warrior in the Caucasus and we teach the methods used by both Cossacks and Caucasians. These methods time tested and efficient with these larger daggers. 

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