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What We Offer

In addition to in person lessons we sell translations of historical manuals ​used by the Russian military to teach swordsmanship. There are translations from old Russian into modern Russian and English. The books also include images of the original manuscripts so people can feel free to look upon the sources as well.

For those eager to learn more, in addition to the books we also have a youtube channel where we post demonstrations and lessons. We also share footage from our travels and competitions. There is also a facebook group that is available for folks who are interested in learning more about the background and history to discuss it with experts from around the world.

cossack martial arts book cover.jpg

This is where you can find numerous texts written about Cossack martial arts.

Cossack fencing drill#2.jpg

This is our Youtube channel where we post videos of martial arts demonstrations and techniques


Sabers of Eurasia is a place where experts from around the world discuss ideas related to training, teaching, demonstration, and history.

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